About Us

The Brad White Story

Our founder, Brad White, started our business with a vision and dedication to superlative customer service that built the foundation of growth and success we enjoy today.

Although Brad passed away not long ago, his spirit still lives on in our memory of his unwavering zeal and enthusiasm for producing excellent work.

It is Brad's legacy that still drives our relentless passion for exceptional customer satisfaction and service.

The Story of Our Logo

Our logo, the rearing charger with the rider raising his hat triumphantly, signifies a company that stands for extraordinary performance in every aspect of its operations.

Brad's relentless passion for customer service was evident when he would say, "I want to be the guy who rides into town on the white horse and saves the day!"

After Brad's passing, the icon that represents Brad as the rider on a rearing horse was created and is our everlasting tribute to a great man we truly miss.